Tips: Make Avocados Become Mature Fast By Dapur Sinolin

Tips: Make Avocados Become Mature Fast By Dapur Sinolin

Wrap the avocado in a paper bag

Make sure you wrap the avocado correctly, don’t miss any parts. You can, your avocado is not even. In this way, your avocado will ripen within 3-4 days. Oh yeah, if you don’t have a paper bag, you can also use newspaper!

Save the avocado adjacent to other ripe fruit

Do you know about ethylene gas? This gas plays a role in the fruit ripening process and is produced by the fruit itself. Ethylene gas released from ripe fruit will spread to other fruits as well. Place the avocado with the fruit close to ripe fruits such as bananas, apples or tomatoes. Then your avocado will mature quickly.

Immerse the avocado in flour

If you don’t have any ripe paper or fruit, you can try this method. Make sure all parts of the avocado are submerged in flour properly. Anyway, this method also applies to other fruits!

Place the avocado near the window

It turns out that storing raw avocados near the window can also speed up the ripening process. In this way, your avocado can cook in about two days!

Cut the end of the avocado

Cut the end of the avocado, just a little, then close the end of the avocado with a tissue until the part that is opened because of the cut is completely closed again. So that the tissue does not come off, glue it with tape. Store avocados in a dark place for 3-4 days.

Bake the avocados in the oven

First, wrap the avocado with aluminum foil. This aluminum foil serves to stimulate ethylene gas on avocados, so it can ripen avocados quickly.

Second, put the avocado into the oven at 100 ° C for ten minutes or more. After making sure the fruit is fully cooked, remove the aluminum foil and put the avocado in the refrigerator for a few moments. This method can make the avocado quickly, making the avocado taste slightly cooked, but the original taste changes.

So, if you want the original avocado taste, it’s better to ripen it in a natural way, though it might have to wait a little longer. Good luck and good luck!

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