Tips: Cooking rice to be fluffier and fragrant By Dapur Sinolin

Tips: Cooking rice to be fluffier and fragrant By Dapur Sinolin

The method of cooking rice so that it is fluffier with rice cookers needs to be known. Even though it seems trivial, but fluffier rice will give a different taste when combined with side dishes. Delicious rice is rice that is not too soft and hard. Next, we present tips for cooking rice that is suitable for fluffing using a rice cooker.

The method of cooking rice to be fluffier with a rice cooker.

1. Don’t wash the rice for too long

Washing rice is the first step that must be carried out. We may wash the rice many times so that it is clean. But too long to wash rice can make a lot of rice fiber disappear. Wash a maximum of 3 times. The method of washing it is enough to put the rice into a rice cooker container and then add water. Stir slowly and throw away dirty water.

2. The right amount of water

The method of making fluffy rice which is then given the right amount of water. If there is too much water, the rice can be soft. For that, make sure the dose of rice and water is in the ratio of 1: 2. If the rice is 1 glass, the water is 2 cups. Don’t forget to really evaluate it using the same glass size.

3. Extra extra spices

Additional spices play an important role in making delicious rice. If you expect rice to be savory, you can add a little salt. For the results of fragrant rice can be added with pandan leaves. In some places in Indonesia also use some additional spices such as leeks, lemongrass, onion slices, until chili chunks.

4. Observe cooking time

The method of cooking rice with a magic jar or with a pan, needs to observe the time. Additional tips so that fluffier rice is stirring rice after rice has been cooked for about 20-30 minutes. The method needs to be implemented to remove water vapor so that the rice is not stale fast. Another method for not stale rice is to add lime or lemon. The trick, cut the lime or lemon into two parts. If half a piece of lime for a liter of rice portion. Lime and lemon contain anti-germs. This anti-germs can inhibit stale progress in rice. The lemon or lemon juice is given before pressing the ‘cook’ button.

5. Cook with enough portions

Cooking rice is better according to the number of family members. Even though cooking is too much and is not immediately finished, the rice will be wet for longer and will become stale faster. Honey isn’t it?

Cooking rice that is fluffier especially coupled with savory flavors or a distinctive aroma can increase appetite. Whether cooking rice seems trivial, but the different progress in cooking makes different results too. That was the way to cook rice to be fluffy with a rice cooker. the dishes, all will be delicious with delicious rice. Good luck!

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