Tips: Recognizing Fishes That Are Worth the Consumption By Dapur Sinolin

Tips: Recognizing Fishes That Are Worth the Consumption By Dapur Sinolin

It is common knowledge, fresh fish does have a taste that is more delicious when eaten compared to fish meat that is not fresh. In addition, by choosing fresh fish automatically we will get a better nutrient content. Because the nutrient content in fish has not been damaged.

Understanding of fresh fish is fish that have just been caught and have not undergone a process of curing or processing.

Choosing fresh fish to serve at home is very important. Because, as explained above, your baby will get nutritional intake that is very important for its growth. Therefore, in this article we will provide simple tips for choosing fresh fish without preservatives that anyone can practice.

  • Body of Stiff Fish

Hori said that one of the first things to consider when choosing fish is physical appearance. Fresh fish, said Hori, has a physical appearance that is still complete, shiny in color, and the fins and scales are not easily separated. In addition, when held, the body of fresh fish is usually still not stiff.

  • Fish Eyes

Hori said that one of the characteristics of fresh fish can be seen from the eye of the fish. According to him, fresh fish eyes usually look still prominent and clear like they were when they were alive. Fish that have long been dead and are not properly refrigerated, said Hori, pale eyes tend to be grayish.

  • Fish Gills and Fins

Hori said the gills that are blood red indicate fish that are still fresh. If it’s not fresh, the color of the fish’s gills usually pales.

  • Chewy meat

The chef, who has lived in Jakarta since April 2017, said that when buying fish, try to pay attention to the meat in his stomach. Fresh fish meat, he explained, feels elastic when pressed.

  • “Try pressing two to three times the belly of the fish using the index finger, if the shape returns to its original appearance, the fish is still fresh,” said Hori at the Japanese culinary introduction at the residence of the Japanese ambassador in Jakarta some time ago.
  • How to store

After buying, the method of storage also affects the freshness and quality of fish meat. Hori recommends not too long to let the fish be at room temperature. Store fish in the lowest temperature cooler.

If you want to buy live fish, Hori says there are special techniques so that when cutting the fish the quality, taste and texture of the meat is still perfect. The technique is called ikejime or the technique of paralyzing fish by draining blood through vessels.

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