Tips: Melt Frozen Meat Practically By Dapur Sinolin

Tips: Melt Frozen Meat Practically By Dapur Sinolin

Freezers are indeed a solution to keep food ingredients durable and long-lasting because low temperatures in them can bind food particles so that they are not easy to rot or spoil. So that most mothers take advantage of the advantages of this refrigerator to store food ingredients such as beef, chicken, sausages and other frozen processed foods.

But the challenge is when going to process this food, the frozen texture with cold temperatures makes the meat cannot be cooked directly, but must be thawed first.

Some say, liquefying frozen meat can use a microwave or leave it at room temperature. Even though this method is not recommended, you know. Frozen meat that has been at temperatures above 4.4 degrees Celsius, there is a possibility that bacteria that are present before freezing will increase. This temperature is a danger zone for food because bacteria will multiply faster.

Melting the meat using a microwave is not recommended, because the results of liquefaction are not evenly distributed. Not only that, microwaves will automatically emit heat which will trigger the rapid proliferation of bacteria.

Then, what is the safest way to melt frozen meat? Here’s the solution:

  • Cold Water Soak

You can liquidate frozen food in the packaging by soaking it in cold water. Do not remove it, but soak it together with the package which is still tightly closed until the entire surface is submerged in water.

Replace water every 30 minutes until the ice in the meat completely melts and is ready to be processed. After being soft enough, the food that is already liquid must be cooked immediately, yes.

  • Store in a refrigerator all day long

Need the easiest and most hygienic way to melt meat and other frozen foods? Store in a refrigerator rack only!

Melting food (especially meat) by storing it in the refrigerator does take longer, but it is the safest way to prevent bacteria from multiplying.

One important thing to remember is that food that has been thawed must be cooked immediately and should not be frozen again in the freezer so that bacteria are not free to multiply and cause food poisoning.

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